5 Paid Instagram Promote Tips for Beginners

5 Paid Instagram Promote Tips for Beginners [REALLY MUST READ]

Hello Ads id residents, here I want to share about paid to promote Instagram. I think it would be useful for those who are ‘SO NEW’ to know about Instagram marketing. Let’s go straight!

What is Paid Promote (PP)? It’s simple, we offer our merchandise to Instagram accounts that have big followers (public accounts) like Dagelan, Indozone, Lambe_turah, Tahilalats, etc.

Now when our product photos are posted on that account, it is hoped that there are people who are interested in buying our products. At a minimum, kepo-in our ig account and become followers

Yes PP is like a ‘tool’ to increase traffic to our account. The more traffic, of course the more leads will enter. From there, we can execute it as “closing”. Until here understand?

Well, what’s the difference between PP and Endorse? It’s similar The concept is the same. But for the endorse it is more identical to Celebrity, Artist and Public Figure, whereas PP is more to the public account.

In terms of price, endorse is also more expensive than PP. Starting from 100 thousand – millions of millions. If PP mah is cheaper, between 20 thousand – 1 million. Depending on how many followers, interactions and rules of each account owner.

Now if you want to try PP on Instagram, here are some PP tips from me that you might be able to try

1. Just Try First …

For those who are just learning, I suggest playing at 25 thousand – 150 thousand first. Here, you can find patterns, train mentally and get used to doing paid methods. Usually if the PP is successful, we can profit many times over. So don’t be afraid to lose bro!

2. Look for Public Accounts that are Lots of Interaction and Targeted

This is what needs to be watched. Do not just PP. Usually the selection of this account will really feel the difference. Try to find an account that is in a niche, for example, you are selling a cellphone yes looking for public accounts that smell of technology. And investigate, how are the interactions on that account. If you comment a little, I like it a little bit, don’t advise me. Losing later …

You can also search for public accounts with the search feature on ig, search for content that is trending and analyze the uploader’s account. What is the interaction? Crowded or not?

Hmmm, I hope you mean yes bro haha

3. PP at the Right Time

Based on my experience, the most COOL time at 6 pm bro. Prime time is between 5 – 8 hours because the user is more relaxed. Well if it’s not 6 o’clock, try 7 o’clock.

For the day, you should use Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday working days. Don’t PP on Friday – Sunday because it’s less worth it.

For example, PP is uploaded on Friday at 6 pm, now the interaction comes late at night / morning (Saturday).

Why? Usually, if you want to transfer buyers who are already SURE, instead they will only be transfers for reasons of CLOSED BANKS. You really have to hit PHP?

Yes this is subjective, you can agree or not. This is my opinion and analysis.

4. Love the Story Caption and Photos Telling

The most effective PP so far is using story telling. So it feels natural. When playing HardSell, usually the level of interaction is not very big.

“Who are you? Do you know that you don’t play sodor?”, In the hearts of users, they feel that they have become victims of advertising time.

So the best way is to make a story telling first, don’t just crash into it. Get to know bro first, then date

You can learn story telling with Kang Dewa Eka Prayoga, that’s really cool. Just stay tuned in his FB / IG. Many of the writings are viral, because of clever word processing and main story telling.

5. Use a Good and Attractive PP Photo Cover

If you can’t tell story, at least give useful information at the beginning of the caption then intersperse the selling spices afterwards. Can also use video, so it is more stable.

It can also by tweaking the PP cover quality / good / interesting.

Don’t be like this = you can’t tell story telling + the PP cover photo is bad.

Duh, who wants to like bro? Just looking lazy, how do you want to ask about our product?


So, what do you do, bro? Rada catch it right?

I’ve tried this method and the results are pretty good. Btw, I haven’t tried millions of endorse and haven’t used Instagram Ads, just play PP. Exit enough money 60 thousand – 100 thousand per day, but the results are already pretty good. Yes, I’m also still learning. This method is not necessarily right, not necessarily wrong too. Take the good and practice …

P.S: This is a PP photo that can be an example according to me, the picture is not bad and the caption is also not very hard. The number of likes 4000 is also already quite successful, yes even though it is indeed PP in Dagelan. It is only natural to be able to like it that much, if the PP 100-250 thousand can be said to succeed if it can penetrate 1000-2000 likes. Usually, like that already brings enough fast traffic. As far as I know, bro.

Good luck!